A Trusted Advisor to Financial Institutions


Upcoming Speaking Engagements


April 2014

4 – GSB University of Wisconsin Madison / IT Management School

10 – Ohio Bankers League / Technology Conference

15 – Tennessee Bankers Association / Operations and Technology Conference

23 – Oregon & Washington Bankers / Northwest Bank Operations School


May 2014


13 – GSB University of Wisconsin Madison / Operational Due Diligence Webinar


19 – Texas Bankers Association / Branch Strategy Workshop / Richardson, TX

20 – Texas Bankers Association / Branch Strategy Workshop / San Antonio, TX



If you are looking for a dynamic speaker for your next meeting, please consider me. My presentations regularly receive the highest marks from my audiences, confirming my reputation as an excellent speaker and teacher on a variety of strategic, management, and technology topics.

I also serve numerous financial institutions as a trusted adviser in managing today’s regulatory and technology environment. As a consultant, I’ve worked with hundreds of financial institutions to create strategic plans that are blueprints for success, manage the selection and implementation of new technologies, and provide insight to streamline operations and reduce costs.

The combination of speaking and consulting is powerful.  Consulting engagements provide me with current, real world exposure to new technologies and new challenges.  In turn, my speaking engagements are fresh and relevant, providing ideas that help participants make a difference in their institution immediately.