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  • April 2024:
    • 26: GSB: IT Management School, University of Wisconsin
  • July 2024:
    • 25: Advanced Banking School: Penn State University



    Essential Speaking Topics from Trent Fleming

    Fall/Winter  2023

    Wealth Management for Dummies

    Private Banking and Wealth management are often overlooked services in the community banking world.  Yet growth and retention in this area will ensure that you establish and cultivate relationships with high net-worth individuals in a way that maintains your value to them over their life.  You will note a lot of advertising from large banks (I saw several ads during last weekend’s basketball coverage) on this topic. These ads alone create an impression that only the largest banks can successfully offer such services when in fact community banks are often in the best position to provide wealth management and private banking.

    This session will offer ways to begin to offer such services, based on the premise that the best business development is doing more business with your existing customers.  Designed for executive and director audiences: strategy focused

    Envisioning your next Core Banking Solution

    There is a lot of discussion these days about next generation core software.  This session will take a look at the key components of the “core of the future” and discuss how your bank can get there.  Surprisingly, it will likely involve your current vendor!

    Designed for Executives and operations management: ops/tech and strategy focused with customization for those audiences


    Motivational Talk on Leading Well

    Staff training and retention is increasingly difficult. Frankly, our banking environment is also increasingly complex. Simply, there’s a lot going on. This presentation is designed to focus on the application of fundamental principles to bank operations, customer service, and related activities, and will be helpful to managers who are seeking new ways to lead today’s workforce.

    Designed for all banking audiences, with customization for specific audiences

    CEO/Director Topics


    Directors in a Digital Age

    Increasingly, bank customers, both business and consumer, are choosing electronic delivery channels over traditional branch banking. To support these demands, banks are investing in sophisticated delivery systems to provide real time access for customers. Payment methods ranging from wire transfer, to ACH, to debit cards create the potential for significant fraud loss, and must also be managed to mitigate risk. For businesses, corporate account takeover is a major threat. On the consumer side, card data breaches, and identify theft loom large as sources of loss for banks. This session will help you to understand the risk and exposure presented by today’s on-line environment, and provide guidance in addressing and managing such risks.

    Integrating Technology Into Your Enterprise Strategy 

    Historically, banks have had two strategic plans: an enterprise, or business plan, and a separate technology plan.  This is no long a tenable position, as technology now becomes the driving force behind most strategic initiatives.  This session discusses methods of integrating technology planning into your enterprise planning efforts, providing insight to senior managers and executives as to the increasingly visible and important role technology plays in the banking environment.  Recently, FFIEC guidelines for IT planning add new requirements that executive management should be involved. Topics include selected new technologies, negotiating and managing vendor relationships, merger and acquisition planning, managing operations and technology staff, and engaging with customers to maintain strong relationships via electronic channels. (this session can be tailored for CEO/Director audiences, or Senior Operations staff.  I can also provide this as a Director Education or Planning Session, privately for individual banks)

    CyberSecurity Takes a Seat in the Boardroom

    For two reasons: proper management and regulatory expectations, CyberSecurity and related technology issues must be in front of the board more than ever.  This session takes a look at how to address building the right flow of information to your board from the technical areas of the bank.  A more informed board makes better decisions, and better decisions result in a safer, more secure banking environment.  (I can also provide this as a Director Education or Planning Session, privately for individual banks)


    A Survey of Competition in Deposits and Payments

    Consumers and businesses continue to look for convenient and secure payment technologies, and a number of companies, some familiar and some new and strange, have popped up to offer this functionality.  For many years, the person to person payments market has seen companies leverage banking channels (ACH and debit/credit rails, primarily). Now, new companies, seeking to make their mark in the payments and financial services space, are seeking bank charters to gain access to payment mechanisms, and funding sources. This session will look at current and future competitive trends, new and emerging technologies, and provide food for thought as you seek to keep up with customer demands for improved technologies. (this session can be tailored for CEO/Director audiences, or Senior Operations staff)

    Operations and General Topics


    A Digital Blueprint for Your Bank

    A successful organization is always moving.  Listening, learning, and adapting, while always trying to get a peek over the horizon.  Some years bring larger challenges than others, but successful banks will continue their momentum through solid planning and execution no matter what the circumstance.  This session will outline those skills and provide a framework for your business and technology planning efforts.  Key points of focus will be mobile customers and employees; creating your next technology infrastructure; and adapting to a more personalized, responsive service model.

    Managing Your Core Vendor Relationships 

    Your contract for services with your primary banking software provider defines a very important third-party relationship with your bank.  Issues of exposure, liability, service levels, and yes, cost, are all in play.  Many banks have signed contracts with dozens of pages, without a careful review.  In some instances, the bank’s attorney has been asked to review and comment on the contract, but absent specific software expertise, such a review may be cursory at best.  This session is not a legal review, but an operational one, of the implications of committing to selected aspects of the contract.  Participants will leave with insight into how to evaluate contract terms, and what areas to ask the bank’s attorney to look into in further detail. These skills can then be extended to other third-party contracts, further enhancing the benefits.   Today’s focus on reducing expenses, and controlling costs, makes this session especially timely. Ideal for Operations audiences and CFO Conferences.


    Operational Efficiency Self-Assessment

    Whether recognized or not, productivity – or the lack thereof – continues to impact bank operations.  This session is designed to address key ways that managers can assess and improve the operations of their departments, using techniques that industry experts apply when performing operational efficiency studies.  Key areas to be addressed include staffing, technology utilization, planning efforts, and measurement/reporting issues.  Participants will leave with the tools to evaluate and improve productivity.

    Managing Innovation in the Community Bank Environment

    Today’s bank technology professional is under tremendous pressure to provide a stream of new and innovative solutions for customers.  The competition includes other banks, and a variety of non-bank financial services providers.  This session will offer a methodology for anticipating and addressing the technology needs of internal and external customers. Participants will gain insight into managing core vendors, fintech providers, and a variety of constituencies in order to provide solutions.

    Leveraging Your Data

    The successful financial institution will be one that makes the most of the data generated from its business activities, both internally and externally.  Today’s hardware and software solutions offer more capabilities than ever before toward leveraging customer data to improve customer service and improve profitability.  Yet bankers remain reluctant to use this data effectively on a consistent basis.  This session will explore the basics of data analytics and offer practical suggestions for building a culture of leveraging data for fun and profit!


    Introduction to Technology for Lenders

    Technology continues to transform banking.  Traditionally, lending has remained paper intensive, and in some ways has lagged behind other areas of the bank in implementing technology.  Yet, solutions are available to provide a productivity and customer service boost to lending activities.  This session will look at ways that lenders can leverage technology to improve service, reduce costs, and compete effectively at both the consumer and commercial levels.  Participants will leave with solid ideas for selecting, implementing, and managing such technology. (suitable for ag conferences!) 

    Please remember that other topics, including ones that I develop for your group’s needs, are available! Please contact me today to schedule one or more of these presentations for your group!

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